Grepping PDFs like a pro

Picture me, if you would. Sitting at my desk, looking at my screen, puzzled. I have several directories of hardware manuals, and I'm looking for something. Where is it? I have no idea. I just want to know where the documentation for one thing lives, in a sea of poorly named .pdf files. How do I solve this predicament?

Let's learn about pdfgrep and ripgrep-all, together.

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Roughly every week I learn something that it seems like everyone who's been using Linux for any decent period of time seems to already know, so I'm gonna start writing them down as I discover them. In today's episode, I learned about at, which really tickles the part of me that likes things that just do what they say they do.

echo notify-send "get coffee" | at 4pm

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Per-account RuneLite profiles using plain Linux users

The current Old School RuneScape metagame is pretty heavily dependant on the use of alt accounts. Efficient skilling needs a lot of money, and it's a waste of time to do money makers on your main account if you could be making money on an alt at the same time. RuneLite, the most popular client, does not support multiple profiles for having persistent settings for different accounts.

Thankfully, those using a decent operating system (i.e. Linux) can get around this pretty easily.

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Convert the PwK Kali VM for use with QEMU/KVM in virt-manager

If (like me) you're after your OSCP and thus enrolling in the PwK course, you're given a Kali Linux VM to use in VMware format (vmdk).

If (like me) you prefer to keep all your virt open source and already run other VMs with qemu/KVM/libvirt, then we'll need to do something about that.

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Secure remote X server access with Chrome Remote Desktop

Let's imagine that, for reasons unknown, you are like me and wish to run a second X server on your machine that you can

  • connect to from the same machine's primary X server that you actually use,
  • connect to from any other remote device, quickly and securely with minimal setup, and
  • do both of these at the same time

Well, if so, do I have the pointless combination of technologies for you!

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