Per-account RuneLite profiles using plain Linux users

3 minute read Published: 2019-10-11

The current Old School RuneScape metagame is pretty heavily dependant on the use of alt accounts. Efficient skilling needs a lot of money, and it's a waste of time to do money makers on your main account if you could be making money on an alt at the same time. RuneLite, the most popular client, does not support multiple profiles for having persistent settings for different accounts.

Thankfully, those using a decent operating system (i.e. Linux) can get around this pretty easily.

Secure remote X server access with Chrome Remote Desktop

3 minute read Published: 2019-08-30

Let's imagine that, for reasons unknown, you are like me and wish to run a second X server on your machine that you can

Well, if so, do I have the pointless combination of technologies for you!